This past February 22, 2007 marked the twentieth anniversary of the death of Andy Warhol. With death, one would think that life would gradually quiet down, but in Warhol’s case it has been the exact opposite. During these past two decades his importance in the world has increased to stratospheric proportions and his legacy continues to touch all aspects of world culture.

During his college days, though he was one of the youngest in his class, he quickly gained the respect of his classmates and teachers for pushing boundaries. The Fifties represented his decade as a prolific illustrator, and it was then that he absorbed much of the world’s essence. In his first years in New York City he matured, learned a lot about the world and perfected much of his craft as a visual artist. But it was in the Sixties that he exploded onto the art world and most of all showed everyone that the boundaries of art were far too narrow. He singlehandedly proved that art is not just about painting and sculpture, but it’s about concepts that encompass everything that one can express one’s self in.

As time goes by Andy Warhol will continue to be reevaluated on many different levels. Though he is no longer with us, his art remains and will always have influence.